HappyLight by Verilux


HappyLight (Happy Light) by Verilux

Verilux HappyLight Light Therapy for SAD

Verilux HappyLight is the number 1 light therapy device for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Use of the HappyLight for 15-30 minutes a day ensures a positive mood.

Try the Happylight or similar happy light style product, and feel the difference. It's your choice!

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Verilux Happy Light - Light Therapy that makes you happy

Independent research studies show the HappyLight Light Therapy and HappyLight Mini light therapy lamps to be very effective. HappyLight cuts the amount of melatonin in subjects and boosts their energy levels. It is widely recognized to promote well being. Order your HappyLight today and start enjoying the darker winter months...

Verilux HappyLight and proper use

It's important to emphasize that any happy light therapy device should only be used in connection with the advice of a doctor. There can be side effects, including insomnia (if used late at night), or a wired feeling. See this article by Dr. Norman Rosenthal, author of "Winter Blues" the definitive book on Seasonal Affective Disorder.

HappyLight and Light Therapy discussion

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Happy Light Mini and HappyLight Deluxe

The Happy Lite comes in two sizes. The Happy Light Mini with 5,000 Lux of full spectrum light and the Happy Light Deluxe with 10,000 Lux. Both lights are effective at helping with symptoms of SAD and winter blues. Check with your doctor for his/her recommendation. The HappyLite Mini is small and easily fits on a desk or side table. You can purchase two HappyLight Mini's and combine them for the full 10,000 lux full spectrum light...

The happiest light of all is free, natural solar light

We all understand that Mother Nature knows best. That's why we advocate exercise in the sun to give you the most natural light you can get. In addition, we love the idea of getting free electricity from the sun and using it for solar lighting for our landscaping, yard and pool.

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